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The Perception of Thoughts & an Individual’s Vision

Depiction of thought in visual is the tradition of human nature, which was originated by an individual or by a group of cave men thousands of years ago. Our forerunners had invented the thought of ‘cave painting’ indeed; a medium, they thought would subsist and be available to preserve the memory of a time, reminiscences of a space, the age and their existence they witnessed and experienced.

The visual expression is being hauled through the times; the ritual has been practiced by us by individuals and by a cluster of expressionists till date.

Through the ages and experiences, we copied, confined, freed, shifted, destroyed, created, established and finally added new odds to this practice of using of expression in visuals with new medium and equipments that is being innovated and renovated for the creation.

DrishyaKatha is a cluster and contrast of dialogues; where our individual perspective is depicting by our independent visuals that we should express as being an entity, here we want you to come… to see… and participate, accompanied by your thoughts narrated through visual via dialogue.

Please welcome again the youngest way of visual expression named ‘Photography’.

We see you at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, from 28th September till 2nd October 2011.


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